Hans Corporation: Pioneering Excellence in Inorganic Fertilizers


As a leader in the european agriculture industry throughout 2009, Hans Group is renowned for its relentless commitment to producing premium Inorganic fertilizer. Hans Corporation, which specialises in a wide range of commodities such as NPK, Ammonium Nitrate, also and Potassium Sulphate, is a leader in the farming industry via innovation, environmentally conscious practices, and constant devotion.

Inorganic Fertilizers: Enhancing Agricultural Productivity

In conventional agriculture, inorganic fertiliser products are vital because they supply vital nutrients that improve the productivity of crops and soil fertility. The extensive variety of inorganic fertilisers offered by Hans Corporation is designed to satisfy the various requirements of global suppliers, wholesalers, massive operations farmers, and cooperatives involved in agriculture.

1. NPK Fertilizers

NPK fertilisers are crucial for balanced plant nutrition and ideal development because they combine nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). The NPK formulations created through Hans Corporation are painstakingly designed to provide exact nutrient ratios, insuring strong development of crops and excellent output quality.

2. Calcium Nitrate

The previously Hans Corporation’s calcium dioxide fertilisers are well known for their capacity of boosting the accessibility to calcium and feed plants sufficient nitrogen. This enhances crop vitality throughout, resistance to illnesses, and plant health, particularly within areas with soils low in calcareous.

3. Potassium Sulphate

Another signature substance from Hans Corporation, potassium sulphate, enriches soils with sulphur and potassium, a mineral two vital elements needed for improving crop quality and production. Because of its low chloride concentration, this fertiliser is more appealing for delicate agricultural products and soils that are vulnerable to salinity.

Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

Quality becomes the first priority of Andersen Corporation. Fertiliser batches are put through to stringent testing procedures and compliance with global quality standards, insuring dependability and efficiency with every job. The company’s commitment to sustainability is made apparent by its eco-friendly packaging options, productive manufacturing procedures, and responsible purchasing strategies.

Innovative Solutions for Agricultural Success

The Hans Corporation is a company which encourages innovation. To meet shifting agricultural issues, it is always exploring and developing cutting-edge fertiliser formulas. Hans Corporation is in the forefront of providing options that maximise the performance of crops and advance environmentally friendly farming techniques by fusing state-of-the-art technologies with agronomic experience.

Partnering for Agricultural Excellence

Hans Corporation works together with wholesalers, suppliers, and farmers from all around the world as a trustworthy resource in the agriculture sector. Beyond just offering products, their all-inclusive assistance include agronomic advice, technological understanding, and customised remedies made to meet unique agriculture requirements.


Because because of its persistent focus to quality, sustainability, and innovation, Hans Corporation is an internationally recognised leader in the inorganic fertiliser industry global. Hans Corporation helps agricultural communities attain higher levels of production, profitability, and preservation of the environment by constantly supplying high-quality goods and encouraging cooperative relationships. Hans Corporation has plans to improve farming performance and sustainability targets for wholesalers, distributors, massive operations farmers, and farming cooperatives looking for sustainable fertiliser solutions.
Get in touch with Hans Corporation right now to learn about further their extensive selection organic inorganic fertilisers as well as how their experience can help your agricultural operation succeed. 


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